Improve Your Wellness – Lose Weight and Feel Great

Are you shuttling between Dr. appointments, filling prescriptions and tests? Has it been difficult to lose weight? Dr Harpe is the specialist to get you back in control of your health – separating it from your disease so that you will have the best chance of living longer and with less disability. Don’t settle for the usual fare of just acquiring a new medication for another symptom or medical problem. You have the power to do so much more. Get to the bottom of what is happening and correct it – don’t just mask it.

Your Health + Wellness is Your Most Important Investment 

You are the CEO of your Health.  Dr. Harpe is the ultimate health advisor, providing you a real understanding and real interventions to get you the best immunity,  strength, flexibility, and resiliency against disease. For chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, auto immunity and others, Dr. Harpe treats the core of medical problems instead of masking them with prescription medications.  His patients often save hundreds of dollars a month in pharmacy fees and avoid the chronic exposure to unnecessary pharmaceuticals. Dr. Harpe protects and improves the intrinsic health people often continue to lose even while undergoing the most advanced medical care.

Nutritional RX & Disease Intervention Plan

This is not a fad or a trend diet, it is a lifestyle.  During your consultation, you will discuss you current lifestyle, eating habits and any medication that you are currently taking.  Dr. Harpe and our Certified Nutrition Coach will provide you with a completely customized plan that will help you be the best that you can be now, and even better in the future!  He is also able to provide you with an integrative plan to help you escape (or avoid) the grip of disease.

There are no gimmicks, prescriptions or short cuts in this program.  This is a lifestyle change that is meant to improve every aspect of your life, allowing you the freedom to be the best you possible!

Regain Your Balance and Vitality

Dr. Harpe’s services are designed to help you regain your well being and vitality through natural means.  He works closely with lifestyle and nutrition coaches, fitness instructors, and other holistic healers to help you find your balance of mind, body and spirit.

Let Harpe Laser and Wellness help you realize the vision of the ideal you in this stage of your journey.