Are You Struggling To Lose Weight?  We can help!

Dr. Harpe has been able to inspire and educate people towards better health and a leaner body mass without prescribing drugs, hormones or excessive supplements. He believes Health can be simple, exciting and fun!  With 20 years experience in wellness and primary care, Dr. Harpe can cut through the confusing and often conflicting information about health and give you something very real – the real you.

Doctor Designed + Proven Weight Loss

Our Doctor designed and proven services are meant to be sustainable and life changing. The goal is to gain health, reduce aches and pains, inflammation and disease.  The weight loss is what happens as a result. If your goal is Weight Loss, we approach it naturally – without the use of hormones or dangerous prescriptions. Our clients have great results without starving themselves or going hungry.  Dr. Harpe knows if a nutrition plan isn’t simple, enjoyable and practical, it simply won’t last.  We are so sure you will transform your health – we guarantee it.  If you don’t see measurable results in 30 days (at least 4 sessions), we will give you your MONEY BACK!

Lose Weight and Feel Great with your Personalized Nutrition Plan

Learn what foods are best for your particular health needs, and which ones actually promote disease, keep you from feeling well and losing weight. You wont have to count calories, points or exchanges. We will show you how easy it is to be healthy, feel better and lose weight!

With this program you will:

  • Learn the power of real food
  • Eat throughout the day and never go hungry
  • Rev up your metabolism so you can burn more calories
  • Address any food sensitivities, allergies or digestive problems you may have
  • Gain metabolic control of your body through food
  • Learn how to prevent disease, have less aches and pains and gain energy

*Please note individual results may vary

Let Harpe Laser and Wellness help you realize the vision of the ideal you in this stage of your journey.