Dr. Harpe

Charles C. Harpe,  MD        

Board Certified in Internal Medicine        

Dr. Harpe has practiced internal medicine for over 20 years and served in numerous medical leadership roles including the Board of Directors for the Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight (a non-profit public policy initiative) and the Davis County Health Board.  He is currently on the Board of Directors of North Carolina’s Physician Health Program. He has vast experience in treating skin disorders, and performing general skin procedures.  He has always been interested in skin and aesthetic medicine beginning with Image Medical Spa in Utah to his new medical spas, Harpe Laser and Wellness in Asheville and Harpe Aesthetics and Wellness in Hendersonville.

Dr. Harpe treats the effects of aging on a daily basis and understands the concerns and frustrations related to growing older.  He offers non-invasive, individualized aesthetic procedures to help optimize your assets and minimize any signs of aging on your face and body. He knows looking younger and more refreshed motivates us to take better care of ourselves and vice versa.  Indeed, Looking our best often goes along with feeling our best.

Dr. Harpe believes beauty and health start from the inside – out.  Our skin generally reflects our internal health, so nutrition and fitness should be a part of every skin regimen. His passion for wellness comes from experience.  After accumulating 55 pounds of excess body fat, then undergoing a change of heart, Dr. Harpe developed a simple program to help himself and other people lose weight, regain health and become metabolically optimal. For him, this translated into a sincere passion for fitness. “My transformation to a much healthier person (and physician) during my mid-forties provides credibility above and beyond my medical certifications. Therefore I am equipped to help just about anyone in the pursuit of their health dreams. I understand what it is like to struggle with weight, and know how to empower people to improve their health, no matter their limitations or medical diagnoses. I want to raise your expectations the minute we meet.”

In 2013 he published “Naturvore Power, Transcending Industrial Food and Medicine”,  to help people reach their own biological power to perform better and look and feel their best.

Let Harpe Laser and Wellness help you realize the vision of the ideal you in this stage of your journey.